Unable to install McAfee Security software

I want to install Mcafee securtiy.  They say I cannot because I have windows xp internet explorer 32 bit and 64 bit both installed.  They say I need to uninstall both then reinstall the 64 bit.  Is this the best thing to do?  If so how do I do it?


Anwsers to the Problem: Unable to install McAfee Security software

Hi Tommy,
To focus in the right direction, could you please provide the exact error message that you receive while installing McAfee security software.
What is the version of Internet Explorer that you’re currently running?
Note: If you’re using Internet Explorer Version 6 on your computer, then you cannot uninstall Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer 6 is the default web browser that comes along with Windows XP.
In other words, you cannot
uninstall a Windows component that is integrated with the operating system.
If you’ve a later version of Internet Explorer 6, then you can try uninstalling it by following the steps mentioned in the link below.
Visit the links that talk about how to uninstall Internet Explorer.
How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7
Uninstall Internet Explorer 8
Note: If you don't reinstall Internet Explorer 8, your computer will revert to Internet Explorer 7 and the Internet Explorer 7 cumulative updates that were on your computer before installing Internet Explorer 8.
Microsoft Update to be sure your computer isn't missing the latest Internet Explorer 7 updates.
The same statement holds good for Internet Explorer 6.
Hope this information is helpful and let me know if you need any further assistance.
Mouneshwar R – Microsoft Support
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Sfc /scannow command can fix errors - Unable to install McAfee Security software

The sfc command is also known as System File Checker which is a very helpful utility to verify and replace important system files. When it scans the whole system and finds any missing, corrupt or damaged system files, it will replace the problematic files. This can fix the problem if the file is provided by Microsoft.

Check if hardware is working properly

If you still receive Unable to install McAfee Security software error message after you perform a clean installation of your Operating System, it's certain that this problem should be caused by a bad hardware. You can test each piece of hardware devices and find out and then replace the problematic one.

Another Method to Fix this Problem: Unable to install McAfee Security software

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